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Nowadays energy is accounted for as one of the main reasons for development in international societies
The Middle East by having huge resources of fossil fuels, special geographical and geopolitical location, the hearts of oil and gas, has provided a vast business environment in the variety of energy fields, such as exploration, extraction, production and refining, trade and transportation

Managers of this company, with having over two decades of successful trading experience in the field of petroleum 

and petrochemical products, And with the goal of developing services, have acted to establish a company in several countries to build and expand their relations with target countries
This company is proud to work by relying on two essential factors of knowledge and experience alongside with honesty and customer orientation in the export of oil refineries and products manufactured by petrochemical complexes

Principles large-scale policies in relation to business partners

  • The win-win relationship in business relations
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Establish a long-term and solid relationship with partners
  • Offer the best customer services
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