Research and Development

Together with our partners and customers, our best-in-class R&D teams develop the most innovative products, solutions, and services, as well as advanced manufacturing processes. POD Group Research & Development (R&D) is driven by our customers, who face today’s major challenges: achieving energy efficiency, lowering the cost of construction, reducing our environmental footprint, and meeting high standards of aesthetics, health, comfort, and well-being.

Innovating sustainable building through R&D

New solutions are helping us and our customers to support a more sustainable built environment. We constantly improve our manufacturing processes, by capturing thermal energy, recycling it into the process, and sourcing power from renewable sources. Our expertise in cement chemistry allows our R&D teams to design lower-carbon cement and partner with the world’s most advanced start-ups. We also offer solutions for constructors and homeowners that make the energy efficiency of their buildings higher and the energy costs lower. During the last two years, huge investments have been planned in order to increase their flexibility and efficiency and to satisfy every need in terms of innovation and competitiveness. We extended our department in other countries such as Italy, Sweden, and Turkey and we have supported and trusted our talented researchers over there.

Innovation for new opportunities

We know that innovation is permanent and fast, and to make sure that POD Group remains ahead of the pack, we continuously develop our capabilities to track the latest trends and innovations. From leading research institutes, schools and universities, to customers, suppliers and startups, we believe that collaboration with networks of stakeholders outside our organization is key to innovate and differentiate in our industry.