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POD Holding Services includes the operations of POD Food, one of the largest food trading companies in the world.
The main task of POD Food is to provide organic food with the best quality of production and packaging in food markets around the world, and by providing first-class logistics solutions, it maintains the highest standards of quality and service.

POD FOOD increased its total trade volume in the field of food by 15% last year and in cooperation with the best food production companies can be exported it became the best option in the food trade in the region. POD FOOD is a shareholder in over 50 companies that produce exportable feed and the products of these factories are exported to many countries. Most shipments went to Africa and Asia as well as Europe. The main suppliers were Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia.
POD FOOD thinks big. The holding and its subsidiaries are the largest food producers in the Middle East. Produces a variety of packaged and hygienic foods (including various canned food, nuts, saffron, and other spices).

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