Who We Are

About Us

Ever since its creation, 20 years ago, POD HOLDING Trading has become a worldwide recognized trading company, specialized in the trading of Oil&Gas, Steel and Cementitious products.
With a team of professionals, POD HOLDING Trading located in different countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East, holds a wide experience to meet not only the demand for the product but also the logistics needed to transport such products from both a maritime and land transport point of view, thus offering by such, a complete tailor made service that facilitates our customers businesses.
Following its rapid growth and expansion in Middle East, POD HOLDING operates through three listed companies of POD OIL, POD STEEL and POD CEMENT.
The Group’s industrial approach is based on sustainability and is achieved through extensive organizational and technological know-how, as well as design, construction and management activity of production plants.
Our Group Philosophy is based on optimizing the needs of our customers, pushing us to always move with the intention of expanding both our commercial knowledge (product availability, new markets, freight quote ….) and technical knowledge (quality, new products …) in order to offer the best and most competitive product/service.