Ethanol or ethyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol with a chemical formula C2H5OH with a special smell and fire that exists in alcoholic beverages. This alcohol is a substance that is absorbing and is found in alcoholic beverages of varying proportions.


Fuel: The largest use of ethanol is pure as fuel in the automotive industry. 

Alcoholic beverages: Eat alcohol in alcoholic beverages. 

Ethanol fuel cell: Ethanol can be used in DEFC direct fuel cells to generate electricity with waterborne and carbon dioxide products. 

Rocket fuel: Use ethanol in rocket fuel to increase propulsion power. 

Disinfectant: Use ethanol in medical centers to disinfect medical supplies, disinfect and disinfect disinfectants. 

Anti-poison: Use ethanol to eliminate the effects of toxic substances such as methanol and ethylene glycolate. 

Other uses: Solvent, antiperspirant and …  

Physical and chemical properties: 

Molecular formula: C2H6O 

Molar mass: 46.07 g mol 

Appearance colorless liquid Density: 0.789 g cm-3 

Melting point: 114.3 C, 159 K, 174 F 

Boiling point: 78.4 C, 352 K, 173 F 

Solubility in water, miscible Acidity (pKa): 15.9 

Viscosity: 1,200 cP (20 C) 

Dipole moment: 1.69 D (gas) 

Flashpoint: 13 C (55.4 F)