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POD Holding Services primarily comprises the activities of POD Cement, one of the largest trading companies worldwide for cement, clinker and other building materials.
POD Cement’s main task is to optimise the utilisation of our cement plants by balancing global supply and demand for cement and clinker. POD Cement also supplies the cement markets worldwide, maintaining the highest standards of quality and service by providing first-class logistic solutions.

POD Cement increased its total trade volume in the reporting year by 22.2% to a historic high of 30.9 million tonnes (previous year: 25.3), thus outperforming the general market development, which saw weaker growth in cement demand during 2018. POD Cement is shareholder in 46 producer companies which produce Cement and Clinker and export it to many countries. The majority of the deliveries went to Africa and Asia as well as Europe. The key supplier countries were Italy, Turkey, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
POD Cement thinks big. The Holding and its subsidiaries make up the largest cement producer on the Middle East. It produces a variety of cements and clinker (including grey, white, special, and fast-setting cements).

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