Hospital isolating system Model 121

This system is used to protect against electric shock caused by leakage current in the ICU and CCU intensive care unit to minimize the risk of electric shock and burns.

The different parts of an isolated system are:

1. Isolated transformer:

An isolated transformer is used one by one to separate the operating room electricity from the city electricity

2. LIM leakage current display Dynamic type Line Isolation Monitor:

A LIM is a device for measuring and displaying leakage current that passes through systems in the operating room or a person’s body and can be hazardous.

The unit is the mA device, which includes the following:

  • Leakage current warning screen for audio-visual
  • Warning display overload transformers for audio-visual
  • Display power factor (p.f)
  • Send information to monitor the work LIM ethernet network graphically and numerically to the PC
  • Unauthorized voltage warning screen for audio-visual